Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dryer colors!

I know, they live in your dryer...nobody sees them, but a little splash of color never hurt anyone!
 So here we go...colors!!! :)

Oh, who knew laundry could be so much fun?
Don't forget our's ending tomorrow and the winner will be announced Friday September 30th!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wool Dryer Balls....What ARE they??

I'm sure by now you've all seen the rage...wool balls you put into your dryer, but now I'm sure you are wondering "WHY?"

Well. I'll tell you why....and how you can snag a set!
Wool dryer balls are made from, well...wool! They can be made from rovings or yarn. They are simply wrapped into a ball and then felted. You toss about three into your dryer to assist with drying your clothing! Did I mention chemically free? How about the fact that they are safer than dryer sheets? Dryer sheets cause fires! Or how about the fact that these pretty dryer balls can actually cut down on the time your clothing dries? Yep...what they do is bounce around your dryer, get into your clothing and lift and fluff, allowing the warm air to get to all parts of your clothing! And yes, the more the merrier! (I personally have six!)

The house I currently live in has a very, very old dryer. When we first arrived it would take two sometimes three cycles to dry a load of clothing! We first threw three balls in and WOW! What a difference! We are down to half the time! And they help to prevent wear and tear on your dryer by preventing it from being coated in the fabric softener in dryer sheets! Wool balls are also safe for ALL fabrics! Even though you may not use a dryer sheet with certain fabrics (GoreTex, cloth diapers), your dryer is still coated in the fabric softener! And yes, your water proof fabric will start to wick! Yikes!
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