Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year = New Ideas

I'm sure all my customers and fans are wondering what I am doing during my "time off". I have to chuckle, because I don't get much time off with three kids under the age of four! But with my husband home and awaiting our new destination, I have been brainstorming while he has been writing! Now, we don't get ALL day for our hobbies, but the kids do play together or watch and occasional movie, which gives us a little break from playing (fighting), building towers and puzzles.

I personally like to look around Pinterest. I find ideas and inspiration there. Most of the time my ideas come out of necessity! I'm always trying to make things easier in our house, whether it's organization or a little something to stick in my diaper bag for going out.

So for the New Year, I plan to brainstorm and test out a few new ideas! Watch my Facebook Page for pictures of my experiments and as always PLEASE leave comments!

Happy New Year!
My store will reopen in 2012!

Momma Bee

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