Friday, December 16, 2011

Need Stocking Stuffers?

Stocking stuffers are so hit or miss! Sometimes I find inexpensive things for my kids' stockings and sometimes I spend more money in stocking stuffers than presents! Yikes!

Well here is a simple item that is sure to please! Heck, get one for the hubby, too! It's a soap saver! A little sack you put a bar of soap in and the kids won't lose it in the tub and you won't have to deal with the tiny sticky pieces of soap left over! Busy Bee Boutique sells them for $3 each.....but YOU can make your own!

DIY Soap Saver: Tutorial

  1. You know all those washcloths you get when you have a new baby? Or you "stock up" on when they are on sale, but become buried in them? They make PERFECT soap savers! Take one and fold it in half. If it's too small to fold in half, place two together with the "good" sides facing each other.
  2. Stitch up two sides (if folded) and 3 sides if you used two washcloths. This will form a pouch with an opening at the top. Turn it inside out and you have a soap saver sack.
  3. Place a bar of soap inside! And you are done! If you would like you can add velcro to the top to be sure the soap stays in the sack!
Enjoy "saving" your soap!

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