Saturday, April 9, 2011

Up Cycling...what is it?

Up cycling (re purposing) is reusing something to make something else. I recently started using old jeans and pants to make purses and totes! I got tired of having a huge mending pile of things I'd fix, only to have my husband return it with yet another hole! There are only so many patches you can add to jeans or pants! So instead of throwing them away, I decided I could make them into something useful! You can use the entire pair of jeans! You can also re use old wool sweaters and turn them into woolies to go over diapers! Super cute.
I'd like to hear more ideas for up add your comment! Tomorrow I'll post a tutorial! Yippee!

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  1. You can do a google search to get some great internet hits on blogs and pages that are devoted to this cause. I've seen people make napkin rings from the rings left over from milk jugs. Wool sweaters can be felted into hats and stuffed animals. Old t-shirts with cute designs can be made into pillows. Plastic bags can be made into woven mats and small clutch bags. With modge podge, you can paper mache all kinds of fun things for decorative use. It really just depends on how creative you are, and how well you can think outside of "the box!"